5/16" Universal Ferrule - FERR05

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5/16" Universal Non-Skive Ferrule for V-TUF Hose 03310

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass; Surface Treat: galvanize Yellow Zinc, Black Zinc, Cr6 free Zinc, Nickel; Application: widely used in the hydraulic and fluid conveying system of machinery, oilfield, mine, building, transportation, food and other industries.

V-TUF has rich experience in production of Non-skive Hydraulic Hose Ferrule Sleeves. We are able to supply different kinds of hydraulic hose ferrules, such as ferrules for R1AT 1SN hoses, ferrules for R2AT 2SN hoses, etc.

Swaging your hose assemblies using V-TUF  Ferrules are guaranteed to give you on-going reliability, without leaking. We advise you to crimp V-TUF Ferrules with V-TUF Fittings to make the best rated hose assemblies.

Please note: It is always best to skive (remove the rubber down to the hose braiding where the ferrule will grip) the hose if it is going to be used for high pressure hot water. Swaging dimensions are always a guide and may vary from insert to insert. A 'go - no go' guage is best practice for the ultimate swage.

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