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Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable products - ECOfectiv
The V-TUF team is working with focus to reduce our environmental impact by prioritizing sustainability in innovation and new product development.
V-TUF is committed to continuous net-zero business practices.
We are convicted that carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly innovation programs and initiatives are an expected part of doing business.
It is important to prioritize sustainability in innovation and new product development, and then analyse reduction of environmental impact and identify areas of success and areas for improvement.

All of these developments have centred around our refined company vision:
“To deliver our mission of pursuing performance excellence and equipping you cost effective solutions that don't cost the earth”

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FENCO GROUP LTD t/a V-TUF carries the ISO 9001 : 2015 STANDARDS MARK
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Our journey has allowed us to build unprecedented knowledge of our industry and what our client’s expect from a Fenco Group Ltd T/A V-TUF brand.

After moving to the bustling city of Lincoln from South Africa in 1999 and identifying a space in the market for Pressure Washing equipment, Fenco Group was formed by Carl and Conrad Buchner.
What began as an importing and distribution business soon gave way to the requirement to innovate within the industry, customer’s needs were changing and the feedback received allowed the Fenco Group team to provide fitting solutions.

In 2003, the team had established themselves as the go to solutions provider for industrial and commercial cleaning equipment and had created the UK Optimal logo for their equipment, a mark still used today to authenticate the class and reliability of all our products.

By 2005, the product innovation team had noticed that customers were looking for an all-encompassing supplier of cleaning equipment, spares and consumables who could guarantee cleaning efficiency, reliability and eco-friendly solutions. After careful research and understanding of client needs, the optiSPARE and Zyluxx brands were born.
2007 was the launch of our most popular pressure washer brand, V-TUF and in 2010 we added the VTUF vacuums to our growing equipment offering. We were now well established within the industry and able to expand our distribution network even further.

Between 2012 and 2014, our product innovation team were establishing further solutions in industrial and commercial markets, bringing to Fenco Group the Washflexx, Zylock and Tufflow brands. These ensured our ability to cater to all customers by offering high quality products in the most cost efficient manner.
In 2015, after listening to feedback from our warehousing staff and wanting to provide them with the best quality safetywear, the Navigaitor brand was established. Noticing a common problem within the local area we decided to offer these boots to the market and were inundated with positive feedback, with Navigaitor now being a go to brand for safety without compromising on comfort.

By now, the V-TUF brand was proving to be extremely popular within construction, automotive and trade industries and our loyal distribution network in the UK growing. Through these partnerships, Fenco Group Ltd was made aware of the devastating effects of harmful dust on individuals in the end user industries and felt it imperative to create a workable and affordable solution. The V-TUF M and H class vacuums were developed, tested and launched in 2017 to eradicate the cause of fatal lung and respiratory issues.

In 2020 was the COVID-19 year which forced us to review our mission and relevence in the light of the latest industry and dometic market needs - see video below: