V-TUF MAMMOTH STAINLESS 2 kW 110v 80L Wet & Dry Twin Motor Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

(RRP £1,134.50 Save £189.09) £945.41 Ex VAT (£1,134.49 Inc VAT)
  • Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable product - ECOfectiv
  • Dual Performance.
  • Contract Cleaners Companion - Guaranteed Satisfactory Results.
  • Strong, Robust, Durable, Tough Build & Design. 
  • Simple To Operate & Easy, Clean & Safe To Empty.
  • Washable Filter.
  • Tank Tipping Features For Easy Disposal.
  • Heavy Duty Accessories Included.
  • Non-Marking Wheels.
  • For non-hazardous Wet & Dry cleaning.
  • This is the latest model which replaces the VTS8110 vacuum model
If you are going to suck fine dust, we recommend you order the suggested VTVS7026L nylon high efficiency filter

Please note: Never use standard extension cords, as these are not sufficient for large multi motor operation and can burn the motors out – use the ‘Motor saver’ extension cords


  • EVENT VENUE (LARGE AREA) vacuuming - the powerful suction and speed of clean, along with the large collection tank make this machine a popular option.
  • HOMES, HOTELS & OFFICE – carpets, furniture (upholstery), hard surfaces. Wet, dry and spills.
  • AUTO VALETING – WET & DRY & SHAMPOO EXTRACTION. An auto valeter’s ideal vacuum. The accessories to vacuum hard surfaces with a gentle touch, as well as carpet and upholstery wet and dry vacuuming. Commonly used for extracting pre-sprayed detergent out of carpets and upholstery.
  • FLOOD RESTORATION & SINK/DRAIN UNBLOCKING. Fully capable of sucking large quantities of water in flooded areas, as well as an excellent tool unblock sink & bath drains. COMBAT FLOOD WITH MASSIVE SUCTION POWER
  • ARTIFICIAL GRASS LAWN cleaning & maintenance. The sweeping head lightly agitates and sucks out a build-up of dirt in the grass. This will keep your turf looking fresh. You can vacuum in wet or dry conditions. See further details below)
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Dual performance, twice the power, the 80L  commercial Wet & Dry MAMMOTH STAINLESS Vacuum Cleaner has proven to be the best rated dirt cleaning companion, in a huge range of applications, from cleaning up flooded buildings, to building restoration services, and general site clear up.  
The 110v MAMMOTH-STAINLESS is an elite Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner with two independently controlled powerful 'twin impeller' motors so you can choose your suction power by having any number of motors on at any given time. 
The Aqua-Dry filter gives you the option for use in both dry and wet applications for cleaning a vast range of materials of liquids, solids, and dust.  
The unique V-TUF Aqua-Dry dual washable filter system enables the user to switch from dry to wet pick up without the hassle of changing filters. As easy as washing the filter with warm water, letting it dry, and use it multiple times. To empty, simply unclip the head, and tip back the tank by pulling it up by the front handle located on the bottom of the tank, and tip it back over the swivel bar. 
The MAMMOTH-110-STAINLESS is the professional’s choice on choosing the best wet and dry vac, with the huge capacity of a 80L tank, long life motors, being the effective cleaning companion to anyone needing to remove wet and dry substances. 
The features on this machine are answers to the requests of the cleaning market for a large industrial, bagless 'all-rounder' vacuum cleaner, that is easy to manoeuvre, and able to cope with vacuuming a mixture of wet and dry material, such as drain unblocking, flood & spill restoration, carpet cleaning, car valeting, and general garage, and workshop cleaning jobs, and all jobs needing a super powerful suction. With a power cable of 5m, and vacuum hose of 5m, the V-TUF Industrial MAMMOTH110STAINLESS offers a cleaning radius of 10 metres.
Bags are available to order if needed VTVS055
• Facilities Management, • Contract Cleaners, • Manufacturing, • Retail & Shopping Centres, • Schools, Universities & Colleges, • Warehousing & Distribution, • Leisure Centres, • Engineering, • Restaurants & Cafes, • Automotive Workshops, • Agriculture.

Areas of Application:
• Hard Floor Cleaning, • Carpet Cleaning, • Unblocking Sinks, • Extracting Moisture From Curtains & Furniture, • Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaning, • Cleaning a Garage/Workshop, • Clearing up Broken Glass, • Clean up Liquids / Spillages, • Vacuum Pet Hair, • Ventilation Cleaning, • Office Cleaning, • Care Home Cleaning, • Exhibition Main Hall Cleaning, • Farm Buildings & Grain 

USEFUL TIP: How to maintain and clean your artificial grass lawn

ARTIFICIAL GRASS LAWN cleaning & maintenance. Use the V-TUF vacuum with the sweeping head moving up and down (like you push your lawn mower) which lightly agitates and sucks out a build up of dirt in the grass. This will keep your turf looking fresh. You can vacuum in wet or dry conditions. If the artificial turf has a lot of leaves or debris, ‘sweep’ the debris into piles with the vacuum sweeper head.

Hose your lawn down with water a couple of times a year or when necessary. We recommend the V-TUF WASHFLEX PRO Hose to do this. The British weather will do the rest! If you choose to use a pressure washer to clean the grass we suggest you spray the grass gently using the SSQ BLACK LP jet.  The V-TUF V5 Pressure Washer is an example. Do not try cleaning the grass like you would a patio as this could damage the grass fibres and could also damage the base of the lawn

Nilfisk Alto Attix 961-01 BIG BRUTE VACUUM

  • 110v
  • ARTIFICIAL GRASS LAWN cleaning & maintenance
  • EVENT VENUE (LARGE AREA) vacuuming.
  • HOMES, HOTELS & OFFICE – carpets, furniture (upholstery), hard surfaces. Wet, dry and spills.
  • Washable filters
  • 2500w - 110v (2x 1250w Individually Switched Twin Turbine Bypass Motors)
Air Flow (Litres/Second)
  • 120 Litres / Second (430 cbm/hour)
Vacuum Suction (mBar/kPa)
  • 250 mBar
Vacuum Type
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • 80 Litres
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 67 dBA
Filter Bag
  • Bagless (Bags Not Required - (Can be used with VTVS055 Bags - Not Included - Available To Order)
Power Cable
  • 5m
Accessories Included
  • 38mm: 5m HiViz Yellow Vacuum Hose, Stainless Steel Tubes & Elbow, Crevice Tool, Brush Floor Cleaning Head
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 1060 x (W) 600 x (D) 600mm
  • Vac: (H) 1050 x (W) 590 x (D) 590mm
  • Nett: 27.9kg / Gross: 30kg

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