V-TUF COMAT WIPES AntiViral AntiBacterial Hand & Surface Cleaning Disinfectant Wipes - 90 per Pack (with Aloe Vera)

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•    Powerful cleaning action, Effective against COVID-19 , kind to skin ; eco-friendly - All-In-One-Wipe:
•    90 Wipes Per Pack.
•    Used by tradesman, schools, food processing, Health care, ideal and safe to use in a vehicle after shopping.
•    Safe & Kind To Hands & Skin - Alcohol Free, Gentle on Surfaces.
•    Non-Sticky residue, unlike some wipes and sprays that leave the surfaces sticky which attracts more dirt. Eliminates Cross-Contamination.
•    Calming, Beautiful Scent.
•    Recyclable packaging.
•    Trusted & Used In The Healthcare Sector.
•    Effective against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1),Herpes Simplex, Hepatitus C Virus & Coronaviruses (CLEANS GRIME - BS/EN 14476 Kills Viruses (including Coronavirus) - BS/EN 1276 Kills Bacteria).
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The ‘ALL – IN - ONE’ – Surface Cleaning Wipes! (Laced with Aloe Vera for added skincare & protection).
V-TUF COMBAT WIPES ANTIBACTERIAL & VIRUCIDAL CLEANING ACTION offer a high-performance cleaning and sanitising action, tested to protocol EN14476, EN13727 & EN1276. V-TUF multi-purpose wipes are also known to be tough on grime, grease & dirt for cleaning surfaces quickly and effectively, while leaving a beautiful calming scent. V-TUF wipes guarantee Non-Sticky residue, which prevents surfaces attracting more dirt.
Clean & Fresh Results:  
  • Pleasant to use.
  • Leaves no sticky residue.
  • Products that leave sticky residue can attract dirt to the surface.
The VTABW-90 alcohol free wipes provide 99.999% efficiency against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that can lead to cross-infection and contamination. According to EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019, V-TUF Antibacterial wipes-VTABW POSSESSES VIRUCIDAL activity at a concentration of 50.0% and 80.0% % v/v of the working concentration as tested after 2 MINUTES at 20°C under CLEAN conditions (0.3 g/l bovine albumin) against Vaccinia virus VR-1549 Elstree strain / Vero cells. 
This product therefore is effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A*. This therefore includes all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2.
V-TUF VIRUCIDAL ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES are recommended for use in healthcare, catering, schools, bars, and other hygiene critical settings, such as; food preparation areas, baby equipment, furniture, fridges, taps, sinks, door knobs.
Although V-TUF ANTIVIRAL ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES offer a powerful cleaning solution they are totally safe to use on all hard surfaces and are microbiologically and dermatologically safe and are laced with ALOE VERA which offers superb skin care.
Lab Tested & Certified:
• Virucidal Activity - EN14476.
Bactericidal Activity - EN1276, EN13727.
Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Benzalkonium Chloride, 2 Bromo -2 Nitropanediol, PEG -7 glyceryl cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Benzoate, EDTA, Potassium sorbate, PEG-40Hydrogenated, Castor Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbedensis Extract, Citric Acid.
Weights & Dimensions:
•    Wipe Size: 200 x 140mm
•    Wipe Properties: 40GSM 10% VIS 90% PES
•    Pack Size: L:220 X W:110 X H:70MM
•    Pack Weight: 1000 Grams
•    Shipping Info: (90 Wipes Per Pack, 24 Packs Per Outer Case, 1008 Packs Per Pallet)
• Construction, • Utilities, • Events, • Facilities Management, • Healthcare, • Infrastructure, • Manufacturing, • Contract Cleaners, • Government Buildings, • Education Facilities, • Hospitality, • Warehousing & Distribution. 
• Site Offices (inc. Tables, Work Benches & Desks), • Door Handles & Door Push Plates, • Sinks & Taps, • Banister Rails, • Light Switches & Switch Plates.
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