Large H-Class Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags - for MAXi Range (Pack of 5)

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Product Specification: 
• 5x Bags Per Pack.
• H-Class Rated (99.995%) / H14 Hepa Filtration. 
• 50L Capacity.
• FSC Certified.
Always use these H-Class filter bags with the maxi when extracting hazardous dusts & harmful substances from a tool, and when the vacuum is being used to suck dust from surfaces.
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V-TUF 50 Litre H-Class Hepa H14 99.995% Rated Bags - made specifically for the MAXI (MAXi H 110-50L / MAXi H 110-80L (110v) & MAXi H 240-50L / MAXi H 240-80L (240v)) industrial V-TUF dust extractors, are made of strong HEPA filter media with pleated edges for maximum expansion and triple stitched seams to ensure reliable dust retention. They also have a rubber inlet seal and shut-off-gate to minimise dust leakage during operation and disposal.
V-TUF MAXi vacs comes with 3 layers of filtration (cartridge filter, basket filter & waste bag) to reach the H-Class standard giving you maximum dirt removal whilst protecting and saving lives from fatal dust inflicted diseases. NEVER USE THE MAXi without all 3-filter apparatus’s in place!
VTVS055 V-TUF bags provide H14 HEPA 99.995% filtration efficiency, ensuring the V-TUF MAXi vacuum becomes fully compliant with all H-Class hazardous dust regulations. The V-TUF MAXi dust extraction vacuum bags (Order Code: VTVS055) must always be used when operating the machine, to ensure full protection from hazardous dusts escaping back into the air and harming the lungs of the surrounding workforce.
By using the V-TUF MAXi H-Class H14 dust extraction vacuum cleaner bags, you are guaranteed 99.995% filtration from these dangerous airborne particles. In order to remain compliant, you must ALWAYS use the V-TUF MAXi vacs with the H-Class Bags, as well as the Cartridge Filter (Order Code VTVS8022), along with the H-Class Coned Basket Filter (Order Code: VTVS8021) - to ensure you are operating up to the required level of safety: H-Class! (Full details on H-Class Safety can be found on the HSE’s website).
H-Class Filtration is for extracting highly carcinogenic dusts and substances, formaldehyde, mould, germs, lead, nickel, tar and bacteria, so by using a V-TUF MAXi dust extraction vacuum cleaners, you are safe to also vacuum materials such as mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust such as softwood and hardwood, silica dust such as masonry, concrete.
Materials that are broken up, damaged or even disturbed, release fibres harmful particles into the air that have proven to cause serious diseases, when inhaled.  Although it may not affect the lungs straight away, and can often take a long time to develop, once diagnosed later in life, it is too late, and is a silent murderer!  
Hazardous Dusts still KILLS around 5000 workers each year! It is absolutely vital to protect yourself now!
The VTVS055 can also be used on the VACW&D240-37L, VACW&D110-37L, Mammoth, Mammoth XLR 
  • 50 Litres
Filter Bag
  • H-Class Hepa Rated

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