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Why Buy? 

  • Made for Professionals - Commercial Specification 
  • Professional KCQ Coupling Set 
  • Super Flexible, rugged construction 
  • Virgin Material - Stays Soft In Winter 
  • Kink Resistant - Excellent Bend Radius 
  • UV Resistant - Maintains Structure In Summer 
  • Crush Resistant - Keeps its shape when driven over
  • Smooth Outer Cover - Excellent abrasion resistance 
  • -15°C Min Temp, 60°C Max Temp
  • 60 Bar Burst Pressure 
  • Made in UK

"the preferred choice in horticulture!"  



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The V-TUF WASHFLEX PRO WATER HOSE BF12 – is a popular anti kink industrial hose pipe (an ideal pressure washer feed hose). It is also used in Agricultural & Horticultural hose applications, such as drag lines, watering and by the discerning user as quality garden hose. WASHFLEX PRO WATER HOSE BF12 is a WINNER due to its durability, flexibility, wear resistant outer skin and anti-crush design. - WASHFLEX PRO WATER HOSE has a working pressure of 10 bar ideal hose to connect to taps with standard mains pressure or low pressure . The hose has been tested to burst at 50 bar (five times the recommended working pressure). - The internal diameter of the WASHFLEX BF12 hose is 12.5mm and the outside diameter is 17.5mm. - WASHFLEX BF12 hose is compatible with DURAKLIX KCQ , NSQ , GKC and Hozelock style fittings which fit the Tricoflex and Hozelock anti kink hose. - WASHFLEX BF12 is highly flexible with an excellent bend radius and remains flexible in freezing conditions. - WASHFLEX BF12 is Phthalate Free, Phenol Free, Phytotoxic Free Material (Plant Friendly material) and is made from virgin materials which is the secret of its durability. - The WASHFLEX BF12 is REACH approved which ensure that the water and environment is not contaminated. - WASHFLEX BF12 is manufactured in Great Britain


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