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All machines are Pre-delivery inspected and tested before dispatch.


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V-TUF RAPID SXL 21/150R Stainless Steel cabinet HOT high pressure washer with REMOTE CONTROL station. Performance: high flow 21 litres per minute at 2000PSI (150BAR) operating pressure (200Bar rated pump). Ideal to feed fixed pipework systems. The V-TUF RAPID SXL has been developed with pressure washer owners and users to the correct specification to cope in demanding conditions such as: weather, multi operator issues and theft issues.

  • Beneficial features include:
  • Stainless Steel Tamperproof & Lockable Cabinet - The V-TUF RAPID SXL high quality stainless steel cabinet, has saved many owners the disapointment of having a rusted unsightly pressure washer within the first two years - "The V-TUF RAPID SXL stainless cabinet is a very worthwhile investment!!"
  • Quiet running with vibration dampening.
  • Key lockable control panel
  • Remote Control panel – operator control functions include: 1. Machine ON/OFF; 2. Hot water ON/OFF
  • Fuel efficient, Clean burn diesel fired boiler
  • Latest Frost Protection technology - fire proof cabinet insulation and uniform cabinet heating.
  • Fire safety shut off fuel valves on the external fuel supply machines
  • Pre-set tamperproof controls
  • The cabinet has floor mounting bolt holes
  • Low Water Sensor & WRAS BS 1212 COMPLIANT
  • Leak Detection Monitor
  • Flame Failure Control on diesel fired boiler (240 and 415 volt models only)
  • Accessibility of all service components make servicing quick and easy.
  • Integral Fuel Tank – Note: Please specify if you require an integral tank or if you are going to connect to bulk diesel tank
  • Delayed ' Total Stop' Auto Shut Down
  • Delivery time: 10 - 15 working days. All machines are Pre-delivery inspected and tested before dispatch. We aim to give you peace of mind, for trouble free operation from the start. Please confirm before ordering if you are going to feed from a bulk or external diesel tank.


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