TORRENT2 7HP Mini-Bowser Petrol Pressure Washer 190 Bar, 13L/min + 20" POLY DECK SURFACE CLEANER

£1,999.98 Ex VAT (£2,399.98 Inc VAT)


Perfect Starter Kit For Cleaning Driveways, Carparks, Yards, Barns, New Housing Estates and much more.

• 7HP (212cc) Petrol Engine EURO VERSION 190 Bar, 13 L/Min.
• Robust 150 Litre Bowser Tank & Barrow Frame.
• EcoFectiv Engine: Low Noise & Low Emissions.
• Ultimate Cleaning Results.
• Tough Build & Highly versatile & Very Reliable.
• Easy To Manoeuvre Over Rough Terrain - Simple To Operate.

• Easily Transported Over Rough Terrain By 1 Person.

• Simple, Compact, Reliable, Maximum Remote Cleaning Time.

• Central Hoist - Easy Portability: On Top of Buildings & Down Shafts.

Comes complete with Quick Release 10m Hose & Lance & 5 Quick Release Nozzle Kit.

1 x 20" 500mm  SURFACE CLEANER Heavy Duty Spinning - with Poly Deck & Advanced V-Spin Technology



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Remote high-pressure cleaning has been made simple with the V-TUF TORRENT2 Portable Petrol Bowser Pressure Washer, making cleaning easy when a water source may not be available.  The TORRENT 2 industrial power washer has been developed off the back of popular market needs, providing a simple, mobile, compact, and reliable pressure washer.



• Robust Frame with Comfortable Handle

• Low Carbon Technology - meets EPA Phase III emission regulations.

• Heavy-Duty Unloader Valve

• Inlet Filter

• Thermal Protection Valve - Prevents Overheating

• Chemical Injection

• Black Powder Coated Frame

• 10" Pneumatic U-Shaped Puncture Proof Wheels


With a large 150L water tank, which is easy to fill, and sits neatly on a supported frame, so it can be easily transported across all types of rough terrain, transporting the TORRENT2 jet wash bowser is effortless. With a powerful 7HP engine, providing a high-pressure water supply of 2755psi, the performance of this V-TUF pressure washer always delivers effective cleaning results, wherever required! 


The V-TUF TORRENT2 delivers high amounts of cleaning power, along with superb performance, has proven reliability, a tough build, 'stay up' puncture proof foam walled wheels, as well as leading the pack with reduced emissions. 


Key features include: Modern ergonomic accessories, latest EcoFectiv technology reducing engine emissions; performance, and noise, oversized pump, thermal protection mobilised by a simple, robust chassis guarantees many hours of enjoyable cleaning. It is also very easy to maintain and service. The central hoist point offers fantastic portability. Through standard doorways, Down shafts, On top of buildings, etc.


• Construction & Building Sites, • Hire & Rental, • Car Parks, • Parks & Public Walkways, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing & Beverage, • Heavy Industry, • Contract Cleaners, • Warehousing & Distribution, • Agriculture, • Schools & Education Centres, • Hospitals.

Areas of Application:
• Construction Site Equipment; Cement Mixers, Diggers, Dumpers, JCB & CAT Machines etc. • Cement Plant • Foundries, • National Multi-Storey Car Parks, • Tractors, Harvesters, Cultivators, Ploughs & Trailers, •  Cattle Barns, • Building & Floor Restoration Services, • Drain Blasting & Cleaning, • Courtyards: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Sports Grounds, •  Driveways, Paths & Patios, • Boats, Yachts & Ships.

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