V-TUF RAPID-SSC 415v All-Stainless Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer - 3000psi, 200Bar, 15L/min (with Total Stop)

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•    415v (16Amp), 3000psi - Perfect For Demanding Cleaning Jobs.
•    TSS (Auto Stop/Start Protection System).
•    Fully Stainless Steel Build - Highly Corrosion Resistant.
•    Easy & Simple To Use.
•    Excellent Cleaning Performance & Results.
•    Compact, Tough, Robust, Powerful & Reliable
•    Easy To Manoeuvre & Transport.
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The V-TUF 415v RAPID-SSC industrial power washer is best known for being a premium, compact, robust, reliable, stainless steel industrial cold water mobile pressure washer that is simple to operate, and delivers the performance to successfully deliver excellent results, to perform a huge range of all demanding complex cleaning tasks.
Features & Benefits:
• Low Revving Pump & Motor - Longer Longevity - Minimal Maintenance. 
• Heavy-Duty Pump & Unloader Valve.
• Triplex Pump - Sucks From Tank / IBC.
• Deeper Clean - 3x Turbo Blaster.
• Adjustable Pressure & Flow.
• Tough, Robust Stainless Steel Chassis & Frame.
• 8" Puncture Proof Wheels - Easy to Transport Over Uneven Surfaces.
• Collapsible Handle  Easy Transportation on Sites & In Vehicles.
• TSS (Total Stop System) - Auto Motor Switch Off When Trigger is Released (Greatly Increases Pump Life).
• Strategically Installed Electric Components - Increases Reliability For Use In Wet Environments.
• Thermal Protection Valve - Increases Longevity. 
With a very tough, robust stainless-steel chassis, and rigid heavy-duty stainless-steel surround cover, makes the RAPID-SSC resistant to corrosion and cleaning agents. The RAPID-SSC has been designed for use by professionals cleaning greasy dirt and oily residue, that is caused by engine leaks or often found in factories.
The RAPID-SSC power washer has been designed with the user in mind, that is why V-TUF pressure washers offer all the features and benefits of industrial cleaning capabilities to clean the dirtiest of areas. From cleaning a dirty manure filled animal barn, to a dusty digger, the RAPID-SSC will leave whatever you are cleaning looking absolutely spotless.
The 415v V-TUF RAPID-SSC Ultra High Pressure Power Washer is designed to make light work of heavy-duty cleaning tasks like facades, wall and pavement cleaning; plaster, render and mortar removal; plant equipment cleaning and roof cleaning, and much more...
• Construction & Building Sites, • Hire & Rental, • Car Parks, • Parks & Public Walkways, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing & Beverage, • Heavy Industry, • Contract Cleaners, • Warehousing & Distribution, • Agriculture, • Schools & Education Centres, • Hospitals.

Areas of Application:
• Construction Site Equipment; Cement Mixers, Diggers, Dumpers, JCB & CAT Machines etc. • Cement Plant • Foundries, • National Multi-Storey Car Parks, • Tractors, Harvesters, Cultivators, Ploughs & Trailers, •  Cattle Barns, • Building & Floor Restoration Services, • Drain Blasting & Cleaning, • Courtyards: Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Sports Grounds, •  Driveways, Paths & Patios, • Boats, Yachts & Ships.
Power Supply
  • 415v (32 Amp 5-Pin Plug)
Power Rating
  • 2200w
Flow Rate
  • 15 Litres/Minute (900 Litres/Hour)
Operating Pressure
  • 200 bar / 3000 psi
Hot / Cold Water
  • Cold Water
  • 60 oC / 140 oF
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 85 dBA
Chemical Injection
  • Yes
Pump Type
  • Self-Priming (Positive 3 Plunger Displacement)
Power Cable
  • 5m
Accessories Included
  • 10m Quick Release DuraKlix MSQ Hose System, Quick Release Gun & Lance Kit & Adjustable Chemical Jetting Nozzle (Range of Spray & Blasting Nozzles also available)
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 620 x (W) 690 x (D) 1300mm
  • Washer: (H) 900 x (W) 650 x (D) 1250mm
  • Nett: 74kg / Gross 77kg

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