MIDI SYNCRO - 21L H-Class 110v Industrial Dust Extraction Vacuum Cleaner - with Power Take Off - MIDI S110

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Why use the V-TUF H-Class Rated MIDI SYNCRO?
• Approved for Dust ‘Class H’ in accordance with UK HSE Standards.
• High Level Of Protection From Harmful Dusts.
• Variable Strong Suction Power.
• Durable, Heavy Duty, Long-Lasting Polypropylene Tank.
• Affordable Compliance & Protection!
• Save time! Save money! Save lives! #GetEquipped!
• Robust & Industrial – Made To Last!
• Lightweight, Compact, Durable, Impact Resistant.
• Blocked Air Flow Beeper & Light (when air flow is restricted by clogged filter/hose/full tank etc).
Made to vacuum Wet & Dry material. For wet use the dust bag must be removed and then the internals of the unit must be rinsed with clean water and then allowed to dry.
• Affordable Compliance & Protection!
The accessories shown on the images are included with the MIDI SYNCRO dust extractor.
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The 110v V-TUF MIDI SYNCRO has H-Class, H14, Hepa filtration that provides the best level of protection against seriously harmful dust particles, ensuring a safe working environment for all the workforce. 
  • V-TUF H CLASS MIDI SYNCRO 110 connects to your power tool and works in conjunction with it, to remove and contain the harmful dust from the source. The robust 1800 watt (Max) power take off electric control circuit has been rigorously factory tested to 4000 watts momentarily to ensure reliability. Note: Do not use power tools that are rated above 1800 watts!
  • V-TUF H CLASS MIDI SYNCRO 110 will start when you start your power tool; and stop shortly after you turn your power tool off, to clear the dust in the suction line.
  • V-TUF H CLASS MIDI SYNCRO 110 has a powerful 1400w Twin Turbine bypass suction 110v motor, a 21 Litre IMPACT resistant waste collection tank. The powerful suction along with the full H-Class certification offers maximum dirt removal whilst saving lives from fatal dust inflicted diseases.
H Class Filtration is for extracting highly carcinogenic dusts and substances, formaldehyde, mould, germs, lead, nickel, tar and bacteria, so by using a V-TUF MIDI-S-110 dust extraction vacuum cleaner, you are safe to also vacuum materials such as mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust such as softwood and hardwood, including MDF, silica dust such as masonry, concrete. 
The V-TUF MIDI S 110v industrial dust extraction vacuum cleaner features a large 21L capacity, and is supplied with a flexible vacuum hose, and all the tools required for safe vacuuming. This Midi Syncro vac can also be used as a standard wet & dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning non-hazardous liquids and dry goods.
Materials that are broken up, damaged or even disturbed, release fibres harmful particles into the air that have proven to cause serious diseases, when inhaled.  Although it may not affect the lungs straight away, and can often take a long time to develop, once diagnosed later in life, it is too late, and has become known as a silent murderer! 
By using the V-TUF MIDI SYNCRO H-Class H14 dust extraction vacuum cleaner, you are guaranteed 99.995% filtration from these dangerous airborne particles. In order to remain compliant, you must ALWAYS use the V-TUF MIDIS110 with the H-Class Cartridge Filter (Order Code VTVS7021) – Included, along with the H-Class Filter Bags (Order Code: VTVS7007) – Included, to ensure you are operating up to the required level of safety: H-Class! (Full details on H-Class Safety can be found on the HSE’s website).
Emptying and Cleaning Guide:
Never clean inside the vacuum cleaner yourself if you are not authorised to do so!
•    Never attempt to remove or change the bag yourself; this should be done by a competent person under controlled conditions.
•    Contact the supplier or a licensed organisation for assistance.
•    After each use, clean the vacuum cleaner’s outer casing and attachments with the vacuum and then with damp rags. (Rags must be disposed of by taking great care).
•    Carefully inspect the case, hose and attachments visually.
•    Keep the hose and attachments in a clearly labelled plastic sack.
•    Replace the sealing cap over the hose opening in the cleaner’s casing with the plug.
•    Store in a suitable sealed container until next usage.
• Construction, • Tradesmen, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing, • Contract Cleaners, • Specialists in Hazardous Cleaning, • Glass Removal Specialists.
Areas of Application:
• Dusts Contaminated With Carcinogens, • Dusts Contaminated With Pathogens, • Formaldehyde Extraction, • Mould Extraction, • Germs & Bacteria Extraction, • Roofing Restoration Services, • Floor Restoration Services, • Construction Sites, • All Builders & Tradesmen Working With Materials Classified As Dangerous to Human Health, • Building Renovation Services, • Factory Renovation Services, • Swarf Extraction/Removal (Machinery & Material Processing), • Sanding, Drilling, Demolishing, Cutting, Sweeping Silica Dust particulates, • Construction Refurbishment & Fit Out.
Power Supply
  • 110v
Power Rating
  • 1400w (Twin Turbine Bypass Motor)
  • Power Take Off: 110v Socket (1400w)
Air Flow (Litres/Second)
  • 60 Litres/Second (215 cbm/hour)
Vacuum Suction (mBar/kPa)
  • 250 mBar
Vacuum Type
  • Wet & Dry Use
Container Capacity
  • 21 Litres
Dust Class Rating
  • H-Class (Filter & Bags Included)
Filter Type
  • Washable (with warm water - when used for wet & dry vacuuming)
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 58 dBA
Filter Shaker
  • Automatic
Filter Bag
  • H-Class Hepa Rated (VTVS7007)
Power Cable
  • 8.5m
Extraction Velocity Monitor
  • Yes
Accessories Included
  • 32mm: 5m HiViz Yellow Hose, Stainless Steel Tubes & Elbow, Crevice Tool, Round Brush, Universal Power Tool Adaptor, Brush Floor Head Tool, Pack of 10 Dust Bags
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 580 x (W) 410 x (D) 400mm - Gross Weight: 13kg
  • Vac: (H) 560 x (W) 410 x (D) 380mm
  • 8 kg

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