V-TUF V5 110v Tough DIY Electric Pressure Washer - 2200psi, 150Bar, 6L/min

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• Effortless Cleaning On Varied Surfaces.
• Powerful Foam For Deep Cleaning On All Surfaces.
• Sturdy & Reliable - with Extendable Handle for Easy Transportation & Storage.
• Snow Foaming Applicator For Effective Cleaning With Detergent.
• Turbo Nozzle For Powerful Cleaning Results.
• Best Rated 110v Power Wash.
• Reliable Start - Every Time!
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Powerful, Versatile & Durable Jet Washer!

The V-TUF V5 110v is the perfect pressure washer for every cleaning task. Offering a constant high performance of 150Bar with the unique V-TUF design incorporating the TSS (Total Stop System) to not only save energy, but also ensure the machine continues to effortlessly work on site, providing excellent cleaning results.
Why use the popular V5-110v V-TUF Jet Wash?
• Simple & Easy To Use.
• On-Board Accessory Storage.
• Great for maintaining & cleaning outdoor areas.
• Effortless, Effective, Efficient Cleaning.
• Sturdy, Durable & Reliable.
• Snow Foaming Applicator for effective cleaning with detergent.
The V-TUF V5-110v professional power washer’s tools, accessories and cable are all neatly stored on-board, and the washer is designed to be durable and easy to use. The V5 pressure washer comes with a easy-pull trigger gun, a vario power lance for the range of 5x quick release nozzles to cover all aspects of cleaning, as well as a dirt blaster lance – all guaranteed to deliver outstanding cleaning results. Also supplied with a popular snow-foam bottle kit for use with detergent.
The V-TUF V5-110v compact pressure washer comprises of all the cleaning power and energy saving efficiency you would expect, as well as an innovative design for smaller storage areas and easier manoeuvring thanks to its heavy duty wheels, and improved aluminium telescopic handle. Guaranteed to cut through deep dirt, grime & dirt, leaving surfaces looking new, superb, and most importantly… clean! 
A snow foaming applicator and bottle for easy application of detergent is also included, for use when a cleaning agent is required to help assist in loosening thick grime and dirt, ready for being blasted off by the V5-110v electric pressure washer.  Cleaning brushes (Order Code: VCB) for cleaning vehicles, and a patio floor cleaning attachment (Order Code: VXB), can be purchased separately.
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• Construction, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing, • Contract Cleaners, • Distribution, • Vehicle Fleet Cleaning.
Areas of Application:
• General DiY • Fleet Cleaning, • Heavy-Duty Site Plant (e.g. Diggers), • Small Site Plant (e.g. Cement Mixers), • Garden Decking, Walls & Fences, • Patio Slabs & Decking, • Cars, Motor Homes & Vehicles, • Bicycles... and much, much more!
Power Supply
  • 110v (16 Amp)
Power Rating
  • 2100w
Flow Rate
  • 6 Litres/Minute (360 Litres/Hour)
Operating Pressure
  • 110 Bar / 1600 psi
Max. Pressure
  • 150 Bar / 2425 psi
Hot / Cold Water
  • Cold Water
  • 10 oC
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 96 dBA
Chemical Injection
  • Yes
Pump Type
  • Self-Priming
Power Cable
  • 5m
Total Stop System
  • Yes
Accessories Included
  • Quick Release: 8m High Pressure Hose, Gun & Lance Kit, Vario & Turbo (0o, 15o, 25o, 40o & Chemical) Jetting Nozzles, & Snow Foaming Applicator
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Washer: 450 x 450 x 700 mm
  • Nett: 16kg / Gross: 19kg

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