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The V-TUF Rapid V-TUF RAPID VAPORE XL DUAL 240 VOLT hot water pressure washer is the next step up in high temperature cleaning. Ideal DUAL purpose machine that can have its pump simple isolated and the boiler (HOT BOX MODE) connected to a powerful engine driven pressure washer for hot water higher pressure on site, as required.
Keeping many of the features of the famed VSC, the VAPORE XL houses a boiler nearly twice the size of it’s predecessor, achieving much higher nozzle temperatures.
Regulation switches, a low-revving pump, high efficiency double heat exchange and safety pressure valve are just some of the fantastic features of this machine.
All of these features, and the numerous others, are focused on saving you both time and money on every job, through reduced maintenance needs and increased machine life.
The Vapore XL comes complete with a 10m hose, quick release coupling system, detergent injection, and a spray gun and lance.
Why Buy?

  • Low Fuel Cut-Out
  • Safety Pressure Valve – Prevents over-pressurising
  • Low Water Cut Out
  • Total Stop
  • Reduced motor overload by timed delay
  • Tough cleaning solution in a compact and manoeuvrable frame
  • Saves energy and time during preparation and cleaning
  • Hard-wearing stainless steel design
  • Reduced energy requirement with its heat exchange
  • Great reliability and easy to service

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