240v 37L Heavy Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner - With Valeting kit

£320.00 Ex VAT (£384.00 Inc VAT)

Valeting Kit includes:

1x V-TUF VACW&D 37L with all the standard accessories 

1x V-TUF 5 metre 32mm Hi-Vis Yellow Heavy Duty vacuum hose

1 x V-TUF 450mm Long Crevis tool 

1 x V-TUF VTC420-5L Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Sanitiser - 10x Concentrated

1 x V-TUF VTX-2L Multi-Chemical Resistant Compression sprayer 

1 x V-TUF VTXT500 Multi-Chemical Resistant Vaporiser 

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The Professional V-TUF 240v Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner offers an industrial, long life, effective companion to anyone needing to remove wet and dry substances. The features on this machine are answers to the requests of the cleaning market for a lightweight, bagless 'all-rounder', that is easy to manoeuvre, and able to cope with vacuuming a mixture of wet and dry material, such as drain unblocking, flood & spill restoration, carpet cleaning, car valeting, and general garage, home, and workshop cleaning jobs.


V-TUF W&D Vacs effortlessly and efficiently clean the dirtiest of spaces. With the powerful suction from a 1250w motor, and the large 37L waste tank, you are guaranteed satisfactory on-going performance from a highly durable vacuum cleaner with a tank made from a tough polypropylene plastic construction.


The V-TUF VAC W&D comes complete with the sponge filter (VTVS7019 - Wet & Dry Liquid Sponge Filter (VTVS7019) - Ideal for use when sucking liquid only, such as drain unblocking, flood restoration and spill and wet cleaning), and the ‘best rated’ Aqua-Dry filter (VTVS7018 - Wet & Dry Aqua-Dry Universal Filter (VTVS7018) - Ideal for a multi-use of wet and dry material cleaning. The VTVS7018 Aqua-dry filter is washable and should be rinsed off and left to dry after use), and all cleaning tools and accessories for you to fulfil all your cleaning tasks.

With our unique V-TUF high-efficiency Aqua-Dry dual washable filter system enables the user to switch from dry to wet pick up without the hassle of changing filters or kits. As easy as washing the filter with warm water, letting it dry, and use it again and again.


The V-TUF VAC W&D is IPx4 water resistant rated, comes with an industrial 1250w long-lasting powerful suction motor giving you a popular hoover that is lightweight, rugged in body, and built to last the most enduring of cleaning jobs.

With a power cable of 8.5m, and vacuum hose of 2.5m, the V-TUF Industrial VAC W&D offers a long-reach cleaning radius of 23 metres.


•    Facilities Management, •    Contract Cleaners, •    Manufacturing, •    Retail & Shopping Centres, •    Schools, Universities & Colleges, •    Warehousing & Distribution, •    Leisure Centres, •    Engineering, •    Restaurants & Cafes, •    Automotive Workshops, •    Agriculture.

Areas of Application:
•    Hard Floor Cleaning, •    Carpet Cleaning, •    Unblocking Sinks, •    Extracting Moisture From Curtains & Furniture, •    Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaning, •    Cleaning a Garage/Workshop, •    Clearing up Broken Glass, •    Clean up Liquids / Spillages, •    Vacuum Pet Hair, •    Ventilation Cleaning, •    Office Cleaning, •    Care Home Cleaning, •    Exhibition Main Hall Cleaning, •    Farm Buildings & Barns, •    Drain Unblocking, •    Flood & Spill Restoration.


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