V-TUF STACKVAC 240v 30L M-Class Dust Extractor - with Power Take Off - Lung Safe Vacuum Cleaner

£415.99 Ex VAT (£499.19 Inc VAT)
Why use the StackVac Dust Extractor?
• M-Class Rated = Legal Requirement On All UK Construction Sites.
• M-Class Rated = 99.9% Filtration Efficiency.
• Protects Lungs From Harmful Dusts.
• Can also be used as a Wet & Dry Vac - for non-hazardous cleaning.
Why Buy?
• Robust & Industrial – Made To Last!
• Lightweight, Compact, Durable, Impact Resistant.
• Save time! Save money! Save lives! #GetEquipped!
4-Way Round Switch Options:
•   Vacuum Only.
•   Synchronised Power-Tool Take Off.  
•   Filter Shaker.
•   OFF. 
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Create a dust-free working environment with the most popular choice for a synchronised dust extractor for using with power tools, the V-TUF 240v StackVac M-Class Vacuum Cleaner.  The StackVac M-Class Hepa H13 rated vacuum is portable, tough, rugged, and built to withstand the toughest conditions! With an automatic filter shaker for efficient cleaning, and the option to add the StackPack tool boxes on top for additional storage. The StackVac has been designed to automatically cut the suction 8 seconds after the power tool has been switched off, to ensure 100% dust extraction!
The V-TÜF M-Class StackVac 240v is lightweight, and compact, and has H13, 99.99%, M-Class Hepa filtration efficiency for safe dust extraction throughout your project, providing powerful dust extraction so you are complying with HSE dust regulations on UK building sites, and, helping to extract the dust at source, ensuring a safe working environment for all, while cleaning up STACKs of harmful silica dusts particles, on the biggest jobs! 
With the (HSE) - UK Health and Safety Executive clamping down regulations on silica dust on buildings sites to M-Class rating as the minimum legal requirement, unrated vacuum cleaners can exhaust over 80% of harmful dust back into you breathing space. While the tiny dust particles are not visible to the naked eye, they still remain airborne for up to 8 hours, meaning people in the area are inhaling hazardous silica dust particles. 
DON’T RISK IT! The V-TUF M-Class StackVac240 has been designed to protect your health and wellbeing and the future of the workforce in hazardous working environments, offering you affordable compliance and protection from common dust related health issues! 
V-TUF M-Class Rated Dust Extractors are designed to protect you from Silica Dust!

Silica dust is created when sanding, drilling, demolishing, cutting, sweeping products such as concrete block & bricks, tiles, sandstone, slate, granite slate, limestone & marble. So, by using M-Class rated dust extraction equipment where you extract the dust at source, instead of it becoming airborne, you are doing the right thing by prevent people from inhaling the hazardous silica dust particles into their lungs, and preventing yourself, and those around you from getting an occupational lung disease, and also preventing people from death!
The accessories shown on the images are included with the StackVac dust extractor.
• Construction, • Tradesmen, • Facilities Management, • Manufacturing, • Contract Cleaners, • Distribution. 
Areas of Application:
• House Builders, • Warehousing, • Floor Restoration Services, • Construction Sites, • All Builders & Tradesmen, • Home Renovation Services, • Sanding, Drilling, Demolishing, Cutting, Sweeping (when using drills, sanders, wall chasers, concrete grinders, routers, circular saws with goods containing silica dust), • Building Refurbishments, • Dusty Workshops, • Construction, Refurbishment & Fit Out, • New Build Construction, • Factory Shavings & Dust.
Power Rating
  • 240v
  • 1400w (Twin Turbine Bypass Motor)
  • Power Take Off: 240v Socket (2200w)
Air Flow (Litres/Second)
  • 60 Litres/Second (215 cbm/hour)
Vacuum Suction (mBar/kPa)
  • 250 mBar / 2800mm / 25 kPA
Vacuum Type
  • Wet & Dry Use
Container Capacity
  • 30L
Dust Class Rating
  • M-Class (Filter & Bags Included)
Filter Type
  • Washable (with warm water)
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 89 dBA
Filter Shaker
  • Semi-Automatic
Filter Bag
  • M-Class Hepa Rated (VTM401)
Power Cable
  • 5m
Extraction Velocity Monitor
  • Yes
Accessories Included
  • 36mm: 5m Flexible Vacuum Hose, Steel Extension Tubes & Elbow, Crevice Tool, Round Brush, Drilling Dust Extraction Tool, Universal Stepped Power Tool Adaptor, Brush Hard-Floor Cleaning Head Tool
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 500 x (W) 310 x (D) 500mm
  • Vac: (H) 480 x (W) 300 x (D) 480mm
  • Nett: 12kg / Gross: 13kg

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