3kW 90L Industrial Powerful Grain Store Vacuum Cleaner

£499.99 Ex VAT (£599.99 Inc VAT)
• Farmers Companion - Guaranteed Satisfactory Results
• Strong, Robust, Durable, Tough Build & Design. 
• Simple To Operate & Easy, Clean & Safe To Empty.
• Washable Filter.
• Rear Drain Hose For Emptying Liquids.
• Heavy Duty Accessories Included.
• Non-Marking Wheels.
• For non-hazardous Wet & Dry cleaning.
• Robust Chassis & Large Wheels Makes Movement Easier.
• Perfect For Cleaning Grain Store Barns.
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V-TUF MAMMOTH240GSC - High Performance Triple 'twin impellered' Industrial Motors, that power the large 90L Grainstore Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, for exceptional results, making cleaning a grain store shed hassle-free.
Included is a 15m suction hose, two extension tubes and round brush - everything you require for hoovering a grain store.
The 240v MAMMOTH240GSC is an elite L-Class Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner with three independently controlled powerful 'twin impeller' motors so you can choose your suction power by having any number of motors on at any given time. The Aqua-Dry filter which gives you the option for use in both dry and wet applications for cleaning a vast range of materials of liquids, solids, and dust. Simply wash the filter with warm water and continue cleaning. The robust high impact blow moulded tank gives you the assurance of a long-lasting heavy-duty vacuum, that is built to withstand the toughest of working conditions, for high demanding tasks.
The V-TUF MAMMOTH240-GSC comes complete with the filter gause (VTVS9019A), and the ‘best rated’ Aqua-Dry filter (VTVS021) & filter cage (VTVS9020), and all cleaning tools and accessories, including the extra long 15 vacuum hose (VTVS041-15M) for you to fulfil all your cleaning tasks. When emptying liquids, the generous 90L tank can be emptied via the drain hose located at the rear or for dry material simply unclip and remove the head. 
With our unique V-TUF high-efficiency Aqua-Dry dual washable filter system enables the user to switch from dry to wet pick up without the hassle of changing filters or kits. As easy as washing the filter with warm water, letting it dry, and use it again and again.
The MAMMOTH240GSC is the professional’s choice on choosing the best wet and dry vac, with the huge capacity of a 90L tank, long life motors, being the effective cleaning companion to anyone needing to remove wet and dry substances. The features on this machine are answers to the requests of the cleaning market for a large industrial, bagless 'all-rounder' vacuum cleaner, that is easy to manoeuvre, and able to cope with vacuuming a mixture of wet and dry material, such as Grain and Animal Feed Stores, drain unblocking, flood & spill restoration, carpet cleaning, car valeting, and general garage, and workshop cleaning jobs, and all jobs needing a super powerful suction. It also has a drain hose for easy disposal of liquids - at the rear of the tank. Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for agricultural cleaning on farms and in animal feed stores and animal feed mills.
Power Supply
  • 240 Volts
Power Rating
  • 3000w (Industrial Twin Impeller Turbine Bypass Motors "VTVS042")
Air Flow (Litres/Second)
  • 106 Litres/Second (382 cbm/Hour)
Vacuum Suction (mBar/kPa)
  • 250 mBar
Vacuum Type
  • Wet & Dry Use
Container Capacity
  • 90 Litres
Dust Class Rating
  • L-Class (Filter Included)
Filter Type
  • Washable (with warm water)
Sound Level (dB(A))
  • 82 dBA
Filter Bag
  • Bagless (Bags Not Required)
Power Cable
  • 8 Metres
Accessories Included
  • 40mm: 15m Vacuum Hose, Chrome L-Shaped Tubes, Crevice Tool, Round Brush, Dry Head Floor Tool, Wet Head Floor Tool & Aqua/Dry Filter
  • 12 Months
Product Dimensions
  • Box: (H) 1005 x (W) 520 x (D) 600mm
  • Vac: (H) 995 x (W) 510 x (D) 590mm
  • Nett: 26kg / Gross: 30kg

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