Hands-Free 1L Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station - Foot Operated (Sanitiser Not Included) - VTSS-1

Hands-Free 1L Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station - Foot Operated (Sanitiser Not Included) - VTSS-1

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• Empty Bottle Included (Size: 1000ml - Sanitiser Liquid/Gel Sold Separately).
• Hand Sanitiser Liquid/Gel not supplied with stand.
• Robust Sturdy Steel Construction. 
• Simple Lever Pump Action. 
• No Installation Required. 
• All Metal parts are electrostatic powder coated.
• Stand dimensions: (L)500 x (W)425 x (H)1428mm
• Lightweight: 8kg.
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The V-TUF touchless hand sanitiser station is completely free standing so that it can be placed anywhere without the need of installation. One of the most common causes for the spread of germs & virus is through hand contact. The V-TUF hand sanitising station uses a very simple and robust foot pump method thus eliminating cross contamination from handling bottles and hand sanitiser containers among a flow of public.
Why choose the Simple Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stand?
•    Perfect for Entrance Halls, Walkways & Receptions.
•    Quick Next-Day Delivery.
•    Sturdy and suitable for all business types.
•    Easily re-positioned within your business.
•    Bulk fill dispenser allows you to refill with bulk hand san (Liquid: VTCG21000 or Gel: VTC G1000).
•    Touch-Free for ultimate hygiene!
•    Approx. 1000 Dispenses per Refill.
By placing the VTSS-1 V-TUF Hands-Free Hand Sanitising Stand in all public areas where there are a lot people moving around, this stand will help businesses provide a hygienic environment for colleagues and customers alike. 
Prevent cross-contamination of viruses, diseases, and all diseases by using this V-TUF hand sanitising pump, operated solely the sole of your shoe.
•    Stand dimensions: (L)500mm x (W)425mm x (H)1428mm
•    Stand Gross weight: 8kg (with empty bottle)
•    Package dimensions: (L)175mm x (W)440mm x (H)1530mm
•    Package weight: 10kg
•    For Bulk Purchasing - Quantity per Pallet: 30.
Ideal in all types of organisations where hand hygiene is fundamental to keeping staff, customers, visitors, and patients safe. 
Suitable For Use In Entrances In:
• Care Homes, • Hospitals, • Public Eating Houses: Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes, • Shops & Trade Counters, • Gyms & Studios, • Nurseries, Schools, Colleges & Universities, • Pharmacies, • Site Offices & Entrances, • Public Walkways, • Shopping Centres, • Corporate Offices, • Concierge/Lifestyle Areas, • Dentists & Doctors Surgeries.
Industries Of Application:
• Construction, • Utilities, • Events, • Facilities Management, • Healthcare, • Infrastructure, • Manufacturing, • Contract Cleaners, • Government Buildings, • Education Facilities, • Hospitality, • Warehousing & Distribution. 
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